Thrive Executive Cohort

All of us can get so busy working in our business, that we never can seem to find the time to think ‘big picture’ about our business… things like strategic direction and future opportunities.  In addition, we always seem to encounter those pressing challenges, issues, and questions that leave us wondering how to move forward. 


Imagine being part of a cohort of other business people plus two consultants that meets once a month acting as advisers for you. When you meet, you know these next few hours will fly by, filled with business instruction, interaction with successful business people, and opportunities for you to give and receive advice on pressing business issues. As the meeting ends, you’re energized. You seem to have more clarity about your business, and you can’t wait for the cohort meeting next month.  

Is this impossible? Something only large company CEOs enjoy? No, this is your reality as a member of a Thrive Executive Cohort. The members of your cohort are men and women from non-competitive businesses of similar sizes. You and the members of your cohort will look at your business from different angles using the Thrive Business Matrix System.  You will have a chance to help each other and network together so that your business can thrive. 

There are Chinese and English language cohorts.  Each is limited in the number of participants.  Contact Thrive Consulting Services for more information.

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