Student Experiences

In today’s globalized world, living abroad and interning can set you apart and help you start your career on a fast track.  With a Thrive Consulting Services internship in China, you’ll receive the work experience, professional skills, and confidence to help you and your résumé stand out when you are searching for a job after college.

Internship Program

A Thrive Consulting Services internship includes a full orientation week in the United States of experiential training led by over 100 volunteers with years of overseas and business experience. These experts will invest individually in the interns. This training will not only impact the intern’s summer success but future careers as well.

Full-Time Summer Internship

  • Unpaid placement in your field of interest
  • 25 to 40 work hours per week for 8 weeks
  • Optional language course

  • Full-Time Semester Internship

  • Unpaid placement in your field of interest
  • 30 to 40 work hours per week for 12 to 14 weeks
  • Optional language course

  • We’re looking for passionate, disciplined men and women from the United States who want to increase their understanding of the globalized marketplace and develop a broader worldview. You’ll be challenged daily to grow in character, competence, and capacity. This is a life-changing commitment. You won’t be the same person when you finish your internship in China.


  • Lodging and meals for the duration of the training
  • Orientation guide
  • Individual and team development in cross-cultural business setting
  • Team-specific and individual coaching regarding: Values and character development, Building relationships in the workplace, Conflict resolution, General business acumen
  • Training and practice for: Cross-cultural relationship building, International travel Emergency/Security protocol, Critical thinking/problem solving
  • Logistical support

  • Project-specific description and budget
  • Clear communication with business on expectations and processes to ensure an effective and positive experience for all
  • Insurance plan and enrollment coaching
  • Background check processing
  • Student emergency response protocol information and training
  • 24/7 emergency and logistics assistance for the project duration
  • Fundraising instruction and coaching
  • Parent Information Packet
  • Air itinerary negotiation and arrangements
  • Start-to-finish visa service
  • End-of-project debriefing materials
  • Thrive commitments

  • Check in on the intern daily to answer questions and give direction and encouragement. This is typically informal, lasting no more than 15 minutes.
  • Meet weekly to discuss matters, give career guidance, answer the intern’s questions, debrief, and encourage the intern. These are typically one hour.
  • Give the intern an informal midway performance evaluation.
  • Give the intern a formal final performance evaluation.

    Summer Language

    According to Ethnologue, the number of Chinese native speakers is close to 1.3 billion, roughly a billion of whom speak Mandarin. It is the most spoken language in the world and with China’s emergence as a political and economic superpower, the ability to speak Chinese has social and professional value. Speaking Chinese is a coveted skill for employers with operations in Asia. 

    Science doesn’t lie: if you are going to learn a language, the quickest path to fluency is learning in a full immersion environment. Full immersion programs force you to immediately apply what you learn in the classroom to your everyday life as you run errands around town, connect with locals, and interact with new friends who don’t speak your native language. Living abroad, traveling, and learning a foreign language together makes for a great summer! Thrive Consulting works with local universities and schools to provide you an awesome summer language immersion program.  Let’s start taking now about summer 2020!

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