Transit Visa Exemptions in China: 24-Hour, 72-Hour, and 144-Hour Options

Nov 14, China Briefing

Although requirements for each transit visa exemption are different, each transit visa exemption stipulates that foreign travelers are only eligible when traveling through China between two different countries. READ MORE


Will tourists in China wake up to mobile payments?

Nov 13, inkstone

Last week, China’s main payment apps opened their mobile payment systems to a demographic that had previously been left out: international tourists. As the internet has developed in China, the system has made cash seem inconvenient and burdensome.  READ MORE


Yellowstone in Tibet: China designs new national park system

Nov 12, Houston Chronicle

China is preparing to launch a national parks system based on global best practices and new science. READ MORE


Travelers to China can finally experience its cashless economy like a local

Nov 5, Quartz

Short-term visitors to mainland China can download a version of the Alipay app to pay for things using QR codes, according to a statement today from parent company Ant Financial. READ MORE


China extends 144-hr visa-free transit to more cities

Oct 23, Xinhua

The number of Chinese border ports that allow eligible international travelers to transit within 144 hours without a visa will increase to 27 from Dec. 1 Cities include Chongqing, Xi’an, Ningbo, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Wuhan and Guangzhou.  READ MORE


China Visas Explained

Oct 16, China Briefing

Details on all of the different types of visas and their applications and permitted uses. READ MORE


The World’s Fastest High-Speed Trains

Oct 2, Statista

China’s trains have the highest operating speed of any fleet worldwide, beating the French TGV and Japanese Shinkansen. READ MORE


China’s 2022 Olympic Mascots Have Unusual Names

Sept 19, 2019 inkstone news

Instead of using Pinyin, the romanized spelling system used by more than 1 billion Mandarin speakers, both mascots have names spelled in ways that make it easier for non-Chinese speakers to pronounce. READ MORE


AirBnB in China: The Complete Guide for Foreigners

June 7, Sapore di Cina

Airbnb and other Chinese home-staying websites become increasingly popular in China. Even if Airbnb’s current market share is as little as 7%, China will be its biggest market by 2020. READ MORE


How to Choose the Best Prepaid SIM Card for China

May 24, 2019 Sapore di Cina

In general, you can access data connections in China in three ways: local prepaid SIM cards, international travel cards and roaming with your usual company. READ MORE


Transit Visa Exemptions in China: 24 Hour, 72 Hour, and 144 Hour Options

May 7, 2019 China Briefing

Travelers planning on visiting China with a visa exemption are advised to confirm their eligibility with the relevant port of entry in China or their local Chinese embassy/consulate before departure. READ MORE


The Complete List of China Tourist Destinations

March 27, 2019 Saproe di Cina

Reviews by Provinces, Cities and other Places of Interest in China Read More


What To Do If You Have A Medical Emergency In Asia?

March 1 2019 Sapore di Cina

Prepare a simple file to fill out, print and put in your wallet so as to always have my necessary information with me. Read More


The 10 Best Apps for Traveling in China

Jan 23, 2019 Sapore di Cina

10 applications considered to be the most useful and effective for traveling to the country that don’t require a knowledge of Chinese to use. Remember, not all applications that work in your country will work in China, meanwhile others could work, but very slowly. READ MORE


How to Book a Hotel (or Hostel) in China

November 1, 2018 Sapore di Cina

A guide is to show you how and where to book a hotel in China. Plus the author’s picks for best hotels in a specific Chinese cities. Read More


How to Choose Your Travel Insurance for China (and why you need it)

October 25, 2018, Sapore di Cina

It isn’t mandatory. However, it is highly recommended. Read More


What’s China’s cheapest airline?

May 30, 2018 Statista Read More


Great Wall of China: The Top 14 Best Sections

Jan 16 2018 Sapore di Cina

A short review of fourteen sections of the Great Wall. The idea is to help you establishing which section fit better your requirements. READ MORE

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