China’s 2020 relations with the US, Japan, Taiwan and more

Dec 29, South China Morning Post

2020 will be yet another year of uncertainty in US-China relations. China will want to be firm and assertive in protecting its interests but without confirming fears that it is the new global bully. READ MORE


China and Twitter: The year Chinese diplomacy went social

Dec 29, BBC News

Twitter is banned in mainland China, and most people do not have access to the site. But it seems clear that overseas envoys are being encouraged to use Twitter in a whole new way. READ MORE


Here’s what’s in the U.S.-China “Phase One” trade deal

Dec 16, CBS News

Some tariffs cut or postponed. China will buy more goods from U.S. farmers. Some tech theft concerns addressed. READ MORE


Photo Shutdown

Dec 11, Sixth Tone

Authorities abruptly ordered China’s two leading photo agencies, Visual China Group and IC Photo (the mainland’s equivalent of Getty Images), to cease online operations for “illegal cooperation” with foreign firms.  READ MORE


Local Chinese library burns books in clean-up drive

Dec 10, Reuters

In October, the Ministry of Education called on school libraries nationwide to get rid of books “that damage the unity of the country, sovereignty or its territory; books that upset society’s order and damage societal stability; books that violate the (Communist) Party’s guidelines and policies, smear or defame the party, the country’s leaders and heroes”. READ MORE


China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment

Dec 8, The Guardian

This is the first known public directive from Beijing setting specific targets limiting China’s use of foreign technology, though it is part a wider move within China to increase its reliance on domestic technology. READ MORE


‘Phase one’ deal unlikely to be a real victory for China or the US

Nov 28, CNBC

The phase one deal’s really about the resolvable negotiable stuff in the first place — the more difficult non-negotiable items are put back and delayed. READ MORE


China has overtaken US as world’s largest diplomatic power

Nov 27, CNN World

China now has 276 diplomatic posts globally, three more than the US. While they have an equal number of embassies, Beijing has more consulates around the world than Washington. READ MORE


China’s largest military parade marks National Day

Oct 1, South China Morning Post

A lavish military parade was held on October 1, 2019, in Beijing to celebrate the 70th. WATCH 3:30 VIDEO


China displays ‘a military show of strength’ at its 70th birthday bash

Oct 1, 2019 South China Morning News



China’s Leaders of Party and State

April 4, 2018 Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

After the First Sessions of the 13th NPC and CPPCC… Great Infographic!


China’s Economic Governance: Key People and Initiatives

April 4, 2018 Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

A visual guide to the leaders of China’s economy… Great Infographic!

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Henry Tippie