Senate bill would ban TikTok, Apple from storing US user data in China

Nov 19, technode

“If your child uses TikTok, there’s a chance the Chinese Communist Party knows where they are, what they look like, what their voices sound like, and what they’re watching.”  READ MORE


China’s Video App TikTok: A Challenge to the U.S.?

Nov 15 China US Focus

TikTok has universal appeal, as it allows users to make up to 15-second-long videos that often include humorous or light-hearted teenage lip-syncing, performances by comedians and athletes, and content from major corporate brands. READ MORE


China’s Commercial 5G Rollout, Explained

Nov 6, Sixth Tone

The rapid deployment of 5G reflects China’s eagerness to prove its ambition to become a technological superpower.The faster connection will be used for an unprecedented boon to the development of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. READ MORE


Chinese Adults Game the Hardest

Aug 5, 2019 Statista

China is the country with the highest number of frequent adult gamers in 2019 (29 percent). READ MORE


China’s Alipay’s service for electronic marriage certificates

Aug 5, China Daily

A marriage certificate is a valid legal document with numerous functions in China. In addition to proving the legality of a marriage, it is also used for housing purchase loans, birth registrations, property transfers and children’s schooling. READ MORE


Alibaba Is Going Head-to-Head with Amazon

July 24, eMarketer Retail

Twenty-year-old Chinese e-commerce giant The Alibaba Group is making moves to grow its US B2B business, allowing US-based small and medium-sized sellers to list goods on its B2B marketplace, READ MORE


China tech firms have gone from copycats to trailblazers

July 10, South China Morning News

China’s internet giants used to be called copycats for creating clones of Western social media platforms back in their home market – but those days are long gone and that trend is now in reverse. READ MORE


Chinese tech giants lead Asia’s top 10 brands

June 6 2018, Statista

80 percent of the brands that made it into the 2018 list were Chinese and five of the Chinese brands are technology-related. READ MORE


In China, over half a billion people make payments via mobile devices.

March 8, 2019,

The usage cases of Alipay, WeChat Pay and similar mobile payment services, include online shopping, settling utility bills, paying in restaurants and entertainment venues, in malls and convenience stores. Download


How To Use DiDi, the App For Getting Around in China

March 8, 2019 Sapore di Cina

DiDi is a cell phone app which makes it possible to contact both taxis and private cars with professional drivers. It has a convenient version in English. Read More


5 Apps to Help You Better Integrate in China

October 15, 2018 ChinesePod

5 apps and tips to make your acclimatization in the country a swift one. READ MORE


98% Of Chinese Internet Users Are Mobile

August 24, 2018 Statista

802 million people are now actively using the internet in China, 57 percent of the population… the United States has an estimated 300 million internet users. READ MORE

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Henry Tippie