China’s gene-editing ‘Frankenstein’ jailed for three years

Dec 30, South China Morning Post

He Jiankui and two others were convicted on charges related to manipulation of embryos to prevent HIV infection. Three babies were born as a result of the illegal experiments. READ MORE


China’s Curing Cancer Faster and Cheaper Than Anywhere Else

Dec 11, Bloomberg

The aging population and a raft of lifestyle factors mean that more new cancer patients are emerging in China than anyplace else in the world, giving the country a significant stake in the global fight to find a cure. READ MORE


China quantum research team uses AI to crack processing time in supercomputer race

Nov 21, South China Morning News

Laborious calculations which once took an hour can be completed in a fraction of a second with machine learning. READ MORE


With 5G in Sight, Chinese Government Moves to Phase Out 2G, 3G

Oct 23, The Sixth Tone

Carriers are encouraged to move users off out-of-date networks to better focus on 5G. Powering down 2G and 3G networks will help telecoms save money on land, power, and maintenance costs, as well as free up space for 5G networks on the country’s crowded telecom spectrum. READ MORE


Study finds pollution is linked to miscarriages

Oct 16, inkstone

While a correlation between air pollution and miscarriage was found across all surveyed demographics, pregnant women in blue-collar or agricultural jobs, and women over 39, experienced the heaviest impact from air pollutants. READ MORE


The China Space Station is ready to begin research projects around 2022


‘Tumors in Space’ project studies cancer risk of cosmic radiation. READ MORE


This Is China’s New Spacecraft to Take Astronauts to the Moon (Photos)


Chinese space officials have stated that the country is looking to carry out crewed missions to the moon in the 2030s. READ MORE


Could these crystals be the next leap forward in China’s laser technology?

Sept 4, South China Morning News

Researchers say they have developed a substance that is 13 times better in tests than widely used alternative. Experiments could help solve a power source problem that has plagued commercial and military devices. READ MORE


China Has One of Highest Levels of Salt Consumption

Aug 6, statista

Consuming large amounts of salt raises blood pressure which leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, 40% of all deaths in China. READ MORE


China’s Increasing Wealth Is Changing the Way People Die

Jun 25, Bloomberg

Chronic illnesses like stroke, heart problems and lung cancer became the top causes of premature death in China over the last three decades that increasingly resemble the U.S. and other advanced nations replacing lung infections and neonatal disorders as the lead killers in China. READ MORE


DNA records suggest new origins of Han Chinese

May 23, 2019 Inkstone

Scientists have concluded that the Yangtze and Pearl rivers could lay claim to Han origins as much as the Yellow River. READ MORE


Best Health Insurance for Expats in China

January 3, 2019, 2019 Sapore di Cina

No one will attend to you if you don’t pay the bill upfront (often in cash) or in the case of certain international hospitals, before you demonstrate that you have health insurance that will cover the treatment. Read More

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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie