Family and Marriage

China’s 2020 Holiday Schedule Released

Nov 21, China Briefing

Private companies in China have the right to determine their own schedules – that is allow for additional days off – so long as the official holiday calendar is maintained. READ MORE


Lonely hearts: Single, retired and looking for love in Beijing

Oct 29, Inkstone

For Beijing’s elderly people, the search for a companion is complicated, particularly for those without a sizeable pension and other assets. READ MORE


China needs to do more to make marriage and family life appealing

Oct 3, 2019 South China Morning News

China faces a more important issue than the trade war with the US that is dominating the headlines: the future of the Chinese family. Since the mid-1990s, China’s fertility rate has been on the low end in the world, averaging 1.6 births per woman,  READ MORE

Are China’s grandparents reaching their limits on free childcare?

Sept 28, 2019 South China Morning News

Millions of Chinese children are raised by their grandparents but some seniors are demanding compensation. READ MORE


Marriage Rate Dropping in China, 200 Million Adults are Single

Aug 21, That’s Tianjin

The marriage rate is on the decline in China, with only 10.139 million marriages taking place in 2018, a 4.6% drop over the previous year.  The current marriage rate dropped to 7.3% in 2018, which is the lowest level in over a decade. READ MORE


High cost of marrying off sons driving rural families into poverty

Jun 26, South China Morning Post

Tradition dictates the groom’s family must cover a range of wedding costs. The high costs associated with marriage in villages are mainly due to the abnormally skewed gender ratios in these areas – a legacy of the one-child policy that made it hard for rural men to find a wife. READ MORE


China’s dwindling marriages

April 2, 2019 inkstone

The Chinese marriage rate has been falling for five years in a row since 2013, hitting a new low last year, according to the country’s National Statistics Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau. Read More


Modern China’s birth rate falls to lowest ever

Jan 21, 2019 Reuters

China’s birth rate last year fell to its lowest since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago with looser population controls failing to encourage couples to have more babies. READ MORE


China’s Total Number of Births Dropped Over 10% Last Year

Oct 22 2018 Caixin

The massive drop — from 17.23 million to 15.23 million — indicates that China’s birth rate last year was the lowest the country has seen since famine-stricken 1961.  READ MORE


Can China tone down its over-the-top weddings?

Dec 3, 2018 South China Morning News

According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, modern weddings are extravagant and can sometimes raise moral issues. Instead, it wants to encourage people to celebrate their big day in a more traditional and frugal way. READ MORE

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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie