Samsung ends mobile phone production in China

Oct 2, 2019 Reuters

Sony also said it was closing its Beijing smartphone plant and would only make smartphones in Thailand. But Apple still makes major products in China. READ MORE


Shipping from China to get pricier after Trump complained

Sept 26, 2019 inkstone

The US will be allowed to raise the cost of shipping goods from China. Under the existing arrangement, as a developing country, China pays cheaper so-called terminal dues than developed countries such as the US. This means shipping within the US can sometimes be more costly than shipping from China. READ MORE


McDonald’s says online food delivery services is burger chain’s biggest revenue driver

Sept 25, 2019 South China Morning New

More than one-fifth of McDonald’s overall revenue on the mainland now comes from delivery services thanks to the growing popularity of these food apps and the country’s well entrenched mobile payment culture. READ MORE


Financial assets held by Chinese households dropped for first time since 2000

Sept 19, 2019 South China Morning Post

Mainland China last year dropped three places to 34th in a global ranking of the richest countries by financial assets per capita. READ MORE


Trade War Update: More China Stimulus, Fewer China Shoppers

Sept 18, 2019 Forbes

Exports to China are shrinking. China shoppers aren’t shopping. Fiscal spending combined with tax cuts, regulatory rollbacks and targeted monetary easing are geared to offsetting the effect of the trade war. The stimulus is targeting private companies that have historically had trouble accessing credit. READ MORE


China’s slowdown deepens; industrial output growth falls to 17-1/2 year low

Sept 16, 2019 Reuters

Industrial output growth unexpectedly weakened to 4.4% in August from the same period a year earlier, the slowest pace since February 2002. Retail sales and investment gauges worsened too reinforcing views that China is likely to cut some key interest rates this week for the first time in over three years to prevent a sharper slump in activity. READ MORE


Huawei ready to sell 5G tech to a Western buyer

Sept 12, 2019 South China Morning News

Huawei is willing to give buyers perpetual access to Huawei’s existing 5G patents, licenses, code, technical blueprints and production know-how for a one-time fee. READ MORE


Why American Companies Choose China Over Everyone Else

Sept 3, 2019 Forbes

For all-around emerging market manufacturing know-how, for reliability, for currency stability, for safety and for domestic market growth, China is No. 1. The rest are more like No. 100. No one comes close in the developing world to China. READ MORE


What Is a Fapiao? How Does It Work? When Do I Need One?

Aug 29, 2019 The Beijinger

There are two types of fapiao: General fapiao and Special fapiao. Fapiao are officially business records, so you’ll need to ask for one whenever you need to prove a purchase or claim expenses. READ MORE

The US-China Trade War: A Timeline

Aug 26, 2019 China Briefing

So far, the US has already slapped tariffs on US$250 billion worth of Chinese products, and has threatened more. China, for its part, has set tariffs on US$185 billion worth of US goods, and is threatening both tariffs and qualitative measures that would affect US businesses operating in China. READ MORE


Red Lobster eyes big expansion in China

Aug 21, 2019 inkstone

China will eventually be a larger market for the casual dining chain than Canada and Japan. 

“China is very likely to be our largest international market likely by a pretty wide margin over time.” READ MORE


How China’s new interest rate reforms will work

Aug 19, 2019 Reuters

China’s central bank pushed out long-awaited interest rate reforms on Saturday by establishing a reference rate for new loans issued by banks to help steer corporate borrowing costs lower and support a slowing economy. READ MORE


Mooncakes filled with chicken and then some

Aug 8, 2019 inkstone

The biggest fast-food chain in China, Kentucky Fried Chicken, has launched its own take on mooncakes, a (usually) sweet treat reserved for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. This year, that’s on September 13. VIEW MORE


‘Made in China 2025’ plan is a linchpin of Northeastern rust belt’s future

Aug 8, 2019 South China Morning News

Among the US concerns over the Made in China 2025 plan is the amount of subsidies the Chinese government at all levels provides to hi-tech startups so that they can compete with rival US companies. READ MORE


KFC Plans Expansion on Strong Chicken Sales

July 31, 2019 Caixin

Yum China owner of KFC in China is facing more competition as the Chinese restaurant market gets increasingly crowded. Burger King, Tim Hortons and Starbucks Corp. are expanding quickly. Yum China now expects 800 to 850 new locations this year across multiple brands, up from an earlier estimate of 650. READ MORE


China has more companies on Fortune Global 500 list than the US

July 22, 2019 South China Morning Post

A total of 129 companies, including 10 from Taiwan, were ranked among the world’s biggest firms by operating revenue. READ MORE


China drafts plan to make it easier to do business

July 14, 2019 Reuters

China has come up with measures to make it easier to do business in the world’s second largest economy, from nurturing private enterprises to widening market access, as economic growth slows amid a protracted trade war with the United States. READ MORE


China expanding free-trade zones as part of opening up its economy

July 10, 2019 RT Business

China’s Ministry of Commerce has announced plans to establish six new pilot free-trade zones (FTZs), as well as the expansion of the Shanghai free-trade zone. READ MORE


Setting Up a Joint Venture in China

July 4,2019 China Briefing

For businesses that wish to adopt a joint venture structure in China, there are several preliminary issues to consider… READ MORE


Foreign Investors’ Top Ten 2019 Business Websites About China

Jun 26,2019 China Briefing

The number of China-focused, English language business blogs and websites has fallen off considerably over the past few years… READ MORE


China’s ‘Fapiao’ Invoice System Explained

June 6, 2019 China Briefing

fapiao is a legal receipt that serves as proof of purchase for goods and services. The larger fapiao invoice system, however, is an essential component of China’s tax law, and compliance for businesses. Foreign businesspeople and companies should take the time to understand the fapiao system. READ MORE


China’s Most Popular Digital Payment Services

Mar 19, 2019 Statistic

60 percent of respondents said they used digital financial services daily. READ MORE


Beijing and Shanghai Remove Bank Account Approval Requirements

May 2, 2019 China Briefing

Last year, China made dramatic improvements to its ease of doing business rankings, jumping from 78 to 46 in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Report. Read More


FIEs in China Must Comply with New Digital Reporting Requirements

March 27, 2019 China Briefing

Foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) set up and registered within China shall, between April 1 and June 30, 2019, log onto the “System for Online Joint Reporting and Sharing of Information on Annual Investments and Operations of FIEs Nationwide” to report their investment and operation details for 2018. Read More


China’s Trademark Regime: How to Protect Your Brand in the Mainland

March 25, 2019 China Briefing

Well-known brands often don’t need to register their trademarks, but China’s laws follow a first-to-file system. It also does not recognize trademarks registered in other jurisdictions. Read More


China’s New Foreign Investment Law

March 20, 2019 China Briefing

Observers believe the law’s sudden rush to the spotlight is an attempt by the Chinese government to respond to international criticism from the US and others about China’s openness – or lack thereof – to foreign businesses. Read More


For Foreign Businesses: Navigating the Internet in China

March 12, 2019 China Briefing

Internet providers and connection speeds; The process for setting up a website in China; China’s cybersecurity law; How to create a China internet strategy; plus more information.

Read More


Company Chops in China: What Are They and How to Use Them

March 11, 2019 China Briefing

An official company chop – sometimes referred to as a seal or stamp – is a necessity for doing business in China. In contrast to business places in the West, management and administrative teams in China use the chop to legally authorize documents, often in place of a signature. Read More


Shutting Down a China WFOE

Jan 29, 2019 China Law Blog

PRC law requires all corporations (foreign and domestic) follow a formal de-registration procedure be followed. READ MORE


Dangers of WeChat for China Employers

Jan 28, 2019 China Law Blog

What you say or write on WeChat may be used against you in an employment dispute. READ MORE


Beginner Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Business In China

Jan 10, 2019 Forbes

If you’re considering doing business in this growing market, here is a list of top dos and don’ts. READ MORE


New Laws in China to Impact Business, Trade from Jan 1, 2019

Dec 20, 2018 China Briefing

To ensure your business stays compliant in 2019, this article lists out the most important regulatory changes that you should pay attention to. They range from tax reform to international tariff agreements. READ MORE


Things to Know Before Doing Business in China

Dec 19, 2018

Never ever count on a sole source of information to make your decision; double check it before you give money out. READ MORE


Skyscraper Construction: Nobody Comes Close To China

Dec 14 2018, Statista

China is at the forefront of the boom in skyscraper construction, building 88 in total in 2018. READ MORE


Capital Requirements for Establishing a WFOE in China

Nov 22, 2018 Sapore di Cina

In the past, companies could be required to have capital of upwards of 500.000 RMB for consulting and trading WFOEs, with higher requirements for manufacturing WFOEs. However, starting in 2014, the rules changed. READ MORE


China Ranks 46th in Ease of Doing Business Rankings

November 5, 2018 China Briefing

Ease of doing business in China received some validation as the World Bank’s newly released rankings showed the country rise by 32 spots. It is also worth noting that while China has greatly improved in the ease of doing business rankings, foreign business sentiment has soured considerably. READ MORE


How to Setup a Company in China as a Foreigner

November 2, 2018 Sapore di Cina

If you intend to hire a large number of workers in China (let’s say more than five), receive payments in China without paying commission to an intermediate company, open a factory (or even a firm that requires specific structures), then opening a company in China is absolutely necessary. READ MORE


Branding in China: Key Tips for Foreign Businesses

October 23, 2018 China Briefing

Penetrating the Chinese market successfully means businesses have been able to distinguish their products from substitutes in the market. Achieving this level of brand consciousness can be challenging; promoting a brand in China is different from that in the rest of the world. READ MORE


An Introduction to Doing Business in China 2018-19

October 1, 2018 China Briefing

Doing Business in China 2018-19 is designed to introduce the fundamentals of investing in China. This comprehensive e-publication is ideal not only for businesses looking to enter the Chinese market, but also for companies who already have a presence here and want to keep up-to-date with the most recent and relevant policy changes. READ MORE


2018 American Business in China White Paper 

March 2018 AmCham China

As one of the most comprehensive assessments of the operating environment for foreign companies in China, the 2018 White Papers contains nearly 40 chapters and provides an in-depth description and analysis a variety of industries, cross-sector issues, and regions of importance to members.  READ MORE

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