Two Things Every Manager Can Do to Set Clear Goals

1. Include employees in setting their performance goals. 

Gallup research shows that employees who say their manager includes them in goal setting are 2.3 times more likely to say their performance goals are realistic than employees whose manager does not.

Including individuals in their goal setting gives them a greater sense of ownership over their work and control over their performance metrics. That creates autonomy, which is related to improved engagement, performance — and even physical wellbeing.

2. Explain the consequences of not meeting goals. 

Gallup workplace research finds that employees who know the consequences of not meeting performance goals are more than twice as likely to say their performance goals are realistic.

Consequences, of course, can be positive (rewards, bonuses, recognition, promotions) or negative (demotions, reprimands, termination). Employees should be aware of both the positive and negative outcomes of their actions at work.

Employees with Realistic Performance Goals: 
–     help prevent some negative behaviors that may affect the organization’s bottom line and brand reputation.
–     are 1.6 times as likely to say they plan to stay at their organization for at least another year (compared with those who do not strongly agree their goals are realistic).
–     are three times as likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work.
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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie