Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

17 Ways to Tackle the Clock

1. Have a Positive Approach.  Believe in yourself and proceed with a well-driven plan.
2. Set Goals. Instill a sense of purpose.  Ensure all your tasks are addressed in a timely manner.
3. Be Organized. Make necessary things available within your reach and work methodically.
4. Schedule Everything!  Stick to a daily schedule. Avoid remembering information that can be documented instead.
5. Prioritize Your Tasks. Set priorities based on the information you have and perform the work according to urgency.
6. Focus On the Task at Hand. Stay away from all distractions and stay focused for executing each task accurately.
7. Delegate to the Experts. Use your time on the most important aspects of the business.
8. Perform a Time Audit. Take a note of the time spent on each task. Get a better idea how to get things done more swiftly.
9. Analyze the Processes More Closely. Evaluate the working process for better results.
10. Face Difficult Tasks at Your Peak.  Perform harder tasks in those moments to avoid any delay.
11. Reconnect with Your “Why”. Make sure you are going in the right direction. Are your efforts aligned with the objective?
12. Make Better Initial Decisions. Initially, strategic planning is critical.
13. Get an Early Start. Start your workday earlier and become more productive.  Assign tasks to each session of the day and get things done in a specified time.
14. Reduce Distractions. Avoid unnecessary interference to gain control over your work schedule.
15. Eliminate the Non-Essential. Focus only on essential aspects for better results.
16. Take Time to Pause and Think. Find some downtime to nourish your creative ideas.
17. It’s All About Mind Management. Productivity is more about mind management than time management. If you work methodically, eventually things will get done with the stipulated time.

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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie