If Your Boss Asks These 3 Questions, They Care

How do you know — and I mean really know — that your boss cares about your career growth? Easy. They will ask you thoughtful questions. The questions your boss asks should start a conversation about your development and professional future. By asking these questions, your boss is also showing subtle signs that they care about where you’re headed. 

1. What do you love about your job?

One of the best parts of being asked this question is that it is ever-changing. The longer you have been with a company, the more likely the answer will shift over time. When you share what you love about your job, your boss will do what they can to allow you to pursue what you love and succeed.

2. How connected do you feel to our organization?

Your boss should talk to you about the important connection you have to the goals of the team, department, and organization as a whole. Everyone deserves to know how their daily work impacts the mission of the organization. Once you have a clear understanding of the mission and values of the company, you’ll be able to perform better and feel like a valued member of the team.

3. How can I be a cheerleader for your goals?

There will be a lot of ups and even more downs. And your boss offering themselves as a cheerleader during these trying times is a sure sign they care about your career growth. A boss that cares offers you feedback, provides encouragement during the off days and goes all-in when you succeed to build you up. 
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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie