4 Ways to Lead Effectively When Expectations Change

How does a leader lead amid changing expectations?

1. Name the change
It is important to name the change taking place and not simply to ignore it.

2. Explain the why
Explaining the why prevents others from making up their own version of what is taking place. Individuals may not agree with the why, but the reason for the new expectation has been made explicit.

3. Share the vision
A compelling vision for how to meet the new standard needs to be shared. Setting a vision that helps to create enthusiasm and give direction will help leaders to see new possibilities.  Helping others to see a way forward goes a long way.

4. Keep communicating
It is important to continue communicating the why and the vision. It will require multiple communications reinforcing the importance of the change for it to take hold.

Source: Leading Ideas

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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie