1. Never stop learning and growing.
The best way to continuously advance your career is to always be learning and growing as a professional. The people who get promoted are the ones who are aggressive and proactive about honing their skills and furthering their education. Be a life learner.

2. Maintain an open network.
An open network is one where you’re meeting and introducing new people to add to your network, rather than sticking with the same, safe crew. Constantly interacting with the same people with the same ideas doesn’t do much for expanding your network or exposing you to new opportunities and challenges. By stepping out of your comfort zone and opening up your network, you’re opening yourself up to new experiences, new people, new ideas, new challenges, and new opportunities.

3. Learn to be a leader, not a follower.
Regardless of whether or not you wish to end up in a leadership position down the line, it’s important to think, act, and respond like a true leader. A huge part of being an effective leader is having the ability to inspire and influence others to achieve a common goal, together. Think about the impact leaders and influencers have had on your career so far. They’ve provided articles, books, seminars, and podcasts divulging the secrets to their success so that others may experience the same triumph for themselves. Do the same. 
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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie