3 Common Performance Review Mistakes

Taking things personally. 
It is important not to take constructive criticism too personally. If you’ve fallen short of an expectation, take the time to think about how and why. While a good performance review should be fair and balanced, it’s an opportunity for your manager to address areas where you haven’t met expectations. While your first instinct may be to get defensive, stop and listen first.

Putting too much stock in comparing yourself to others.
While reviews are designed to show where you fall within the organization, make sure you aren’t chasing someone else’s dream or spending too much time doing work you hate to try to get ahead. If you’re achieving your professional goals and are happy with the direction in which your career is headed, that’s what matters. As long as you continue to contribute and improve when competing against yourself, you should be very proud. 

Focusing on the negative.
Most performance reviews are a chance to talk about what’s going well and areas to improve. Focus on what you did well this past year with just as much emphasis. 
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Henry Tippie

Henry Tippie