Ben's Blog

One of Ben’s passions is to see individuals and organizations gain purpose and move forward for that purpose.  On a regular basis, he shares his thoughts about purpose, people and the process of being who you are supposed to be. and applicable, Ben’s Blogs cause us to stop and consider a better way.  He has spent years training and equipping both Chinese and English audiences. Practical and applicable, Ben’s Blogs cause us to stop and consider a better way.

Check that Resume

In January of 2012, Scott Thompson was hired to be the new Yahoo CEO.  He claimed to have a computer science degree and that made sense

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70 Points

In March of 2017, Devin Booker set multiple records on a basketball court.  He scored 70 points in a basketball game against the Boston Celtics, becoming

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In 1994 Amazon launched with CEO Jeff Bezos selling books out of his home.  25 years later Jeff Bezos has remained the constant, but Amazon now

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Let’s Talk

How many conversations have you had today?  What about this week?  You probably would say several.  After all, most of us are around people all day, and we’re

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Character Matters

You worked hard in school, studying for exams and writing papers, and now you have your degree.  You have put a lot of effort into finding

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What Makes a Leader?

Leaders do a lot of things: make decisions, manage team members, mediate conflicts, guide through challenges, cast vision, and a multitude of other tasks.  But what

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